Leura Spring Fair round-up

A mixed bag of rain, sun and wind did nothing to deter another great crowd at this years Leura Spring Fair.

Although for us stall-holders our gazebos needed sandbagging to stop them blowing away!

My weekend involved meeting people, eating delicious fresh food and generally enjoying the wonderful atmosphere.

From my point of view it was a success, I have work booked well into November. A lot of work goes into the preparation for the Fair and it can all come unstuck if the weather isn’t kind.

I had a display of some of my most recent framed and mounted images.

Acrylic mounting provides a modern high—gloss finish

Acrylic mounting provides a modern high—gloss finish

Of particular interest to many visitors was the acrylic mounted image of two young brothers arm in arm amidst autumn leaves. It was my favourite image from that shoot and I think looks amazing mounted on acrylic.

To answer some of the questions about the mounting, the image is adhered to the back of the acrylic and gives the image a high gloss finish with a back-lit effect due to the whole thing sitting proud of your wall due to the method of “hanging” with 4 small polished bolts in each corner.

It is very modern form of image display and quite a head-turner. I’ve had a number of clients request this method for their images and it was by far the most commented upon image over the weekend.

Detail of the

Detail of the hanging method with 4 polished bolts


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