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Beautiful Wedding Portraits in the Blue Mountains

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Every so often I’m lucky enough to be a part of something very special.

The wedding of Alena and Lawry at Yestergrange, at Wentworth Falls in the upper Blue Mountains is just such an occasion.

Not only was the weather perfect, the location was stunning, but the couple were a joy to work with as they laughed and joked with each other, enjoyed their family and friends and seemed to really soak up their big day.

I was enjoying myself so much it didn’t feel like work!

All of this contributed to producing some great shots.

Alena and Lawrence-2-2

Enjoying the sunset.

Alena and Lawrence-30 Alena and Lawrence-43 Alena and Lawrence-58 Alena and Lawrence-67-2 Alena and Lawrence-96 Alena and Lawrence-149-2 Alena and Lawrence-183 Alena and Lawrence-197 Alena and Lawrence-207 Alena and Lawrence-335 Alena and Lawrence-403

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographers Meeting

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

What do you call a group of photographers gathered in the one place? A capture, perhaps?

I recently had the pleasure of being part of a capture of photographers at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

To coincide with the National Portrait Prize Exhibition showing at the Cultural Centre, and as an initiative of Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC), a list of all of the many portrait photographers practicing in the Blue Mountains has been formulated.

BMCC is pro-actively promoting the Blue Mountains as a centre of Artistic excellence and this ‘capture’ of photographers is part of that. Known as a creative cluster, it will form part of an overall combination of clusters within the region and help to promote the area and its many practitioners.

Here is a link to the Cultural Centre website for the full story.

The Secret to Print Sizes for Your Wall

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

How to Size Your Family Portrait Photographs

Have you ever wondered what size you should print your enlargements?

It depends on a number of factors such as;

– resolution of your camera

– which room in the house you want to hang the image (living room, bedroom etc)

– how far away you will be from the image

Did you know that the viewing distance of an enlargement is best determined by the resolution of the image and the diagonal width of the print? Billboards usually have a resolution as low as 22ppi (pixels per inch) because they are viewed from such a vast distance.

Some photographers use the formula of 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal width to determine the viewing distance.

I was pleased to deliver this image last week. Shot at one of my favourite Blue Mountains locations, this order was a 48” framed print of this family from Epping standing at Flat Rock, Wentworth Falls. At 48” x 25” and 300ppi it has a diagonal distance of 54” meaning it would be best viewed at 2-2.7m away.

Think of that next time you are buying a new 80” tv. You would need to have your lounge at least 4 meters away from the screen to see it correctly!

Another formula for the resolution of the image is 3438 divided by the viewing distance.

So, to view this image from 3m (120″) away, I would divide 3438 by 120 to find the minimum resolution of the print as 29ppi. This is obviously very low res but as long as I wasn’t standing inside 3m from the image it would appear to be quite sharp and detailed.

What this all means is that your small mega-pixel camera need not prevent you from creating big enlargements, as long as the minimum viewing distance is not exceeded they will look sharp and detailed.

I’m not sure how practical that is but its worth giving some thought to I reckon.

family at Flat Rock, Wentworth Falls

Here is a link to a good discussion on print resolution and viewing distance.

Kevin Rudd in Springwood, Blue Mountains – news, commercial photographer Darren Edwards

Monday, July 1st, 2013

For 15 years I worked as a news photographer for Newsltd, covering everything from news, sport and events as it happened. I left News almost 5 years ago to pursue my passion to run my own photography studio and to teach photography to the many keen and eager to follow their own dreams.

I was surprised and excited to receive a call from AAP (Australian Associate Press) last Saturday morning asking me to ‘cover’ PM Kevin Rudd appearing in Springwood. With only 30 minutes notice I set off with my camera and lenses making mental notes in the car on my way there, recalling the many times before when I’d been a part of the media scrum that inevitably follows a PM.

It has been nearly 5 year since I worked in newspapers but I reckon I’ve still got what it takes. Its so much about anticipation when it comes to covering these events. Trying to anticipate what will happen next so you can be in the right place to capture that moment as it happens. At times your ears can be just as useful as your eyes, such as listening to the ‘minders’ or ‘drivers’ talk about where ‘he’ is going next or how this visit is planned to unfold can help you stay a step ahead. I overheard the PM’s driver speaking to NSW police officer about which stops ‘he’ would make in Springwood, from café to cake shop, book shop, butcher and church sausage sizzle.

The result was selection of 12 images on the AAPnewswire and a front page image on the Sun Herald. I still get a buzz from it even after all these years.

Wedding Photography is a Seasonal Thing in the Blue Mountains

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Spring time in Sydney is ideal for getting married, and with the warm days and long afternoons its no wonder.

This is by far the most popular time for shooting weddings and the busiest time of the year for me. Over the last 6 weeks I have photographed some lovely and memorable weddings in Leura, Emu Plains and the beautiful Yarramundi House on the grounds of UWS Hawkesbury.

Each of these weddings was unique of course and I’d like to share some of my favourite images from each.

The first wedding was at Leura and the location was Leuralla open-air amphitheatre. This location is brilliant because of the stunning valley backdrop.

Leura amphitheatre makes a brilliant backdrop.

The happy couple arriving together.

Another shot of that valley just for the sake of it!

The reception venue was walking distance from the ceremony and shared the same valley view.

The second wedding was at the quaint little Uniting Church at Emu Plains. The service was very much a family affair with the grooms siblings performing the music, a friend delivering the vows and both parents joining the couple for a prayer at the end.

Here comes the bride. I love this shot!

The newlyweds leaving the church.

Don’t they look happy together!

Talk about upstaging the bride!

Speeches and toasting the couple.

Finally to the wedding of an old school friend of mine on his 40th birthday at the beautiful Yarramundi House at UWS Hawkesbury.

Congratulations Jason and Christina!

The girls preparing to walk down the red carpet.

A happy couple is easy to photograph.

Their daughters were flower girls and they did a great job.

The great location meant we were spoilt for choice when it came to backdrops.


Corporate and Commercial Product Photography

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Glassware and liquids are some of my favourite products to photograph.

They require quite technical applications of light and photographic technique.

This wine bottle and glass were shot using a bright field technique to illuminate and give shape and form to the glass itself. I added a orange gel to a reflector and 12 degree grid for the background to give the shot its colour and form the graduated spot of light on the background.

To light the label simultaneously was a bigger challenge.

I used a snoot on the foreground light to give me a spot of light just on the label. When photographing glass one has to be constantly aware of specular highlights on the glass, these are the enemy of bright field images! It is extremely difficult to avoid all specular highlights but the careful use of a gobo or 2 can help to mask off just the area you would like to receive the light.

I used 2 gobos to mask off the label on the front of the bottle and keep any light from appearing on the glass.

The first image is straight out of the camera, note the odd specular highlight in the neck of the bottle and rim of the glass.

The second image is the ‘retouched’ version with the highlights removed and the tone curve slightly tweaked.

This type of photographic technique is great for most glass objects including drinks, vases and glass art pieces and of course crystal.

Image as shot in camera

Retouched image minus the specular highlights

Pets are Family Too

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Former race horse Armada was destined for the knackery if not for his beloved owner Brianna.

As a gelding Armada had won over a million dollars racing in Honk Kong, but as with all goods things his racing days came to an end. As a gelding he couldn’t be bred from so his odds for a life off the track had blown out to be un-backable.

All this is behind him now as he bides his time under the gentle and loving care of Brianna. Armada and Brianna have an obvious bond and it was this special connection we wanted to show in the photographs we captured one Sunday afternoon recently.

As the sun began to set on another beautiful winter day, the overcast sky gave us amazing soft diffused light.

While Armada was quite distracted at times by the herd of goats in the paddock opposite, it did have the effect of keeping his ears pricked and forward making him look even more handsome.

Brianna whispered and cuddled him for the extent of our shoot and the results, I believe, are an accurate depiction of the obvious love and strong bond between horse and owner.

Young woman with her horse

Armada was very interested in the herd of goats in the far paddock.




Family Portrait Photography Penrith Locations

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I’m always scouting around for great new locations for outdoor family portrait photography in the Blue Mountains and Penrith area.

Many of my clients live in the lower mountains, Penrith, Emu Plains, Glenmore Park and Mulgoa regions so its important for me to have a number of options for locations available at different times of the year depending on the season.

As we move into Autumn and then Winter more of my photo–shoots happen at locations in the lower mountains and Penrith area. One of my favourite spots is River Road Reserve at Emu Plains.

At the moment there are Autumn colours everywhere making for a beautiful backdrop to family photography.

This shoot took place at River Road Reserve and involved grandchildren assembling for some photos for Nanna. The children were great, they got on so well together and they all seemed to enjoy the time together which came through in the shots. Nanna was very pleased!

Boy and girl standing under a tree

Brother and sister trying to look like they like each other

Boy cousins standing under a tree

The Boys!

Young girl cousins together under a tree

The Girls

Cousins together for photo under a tree in Autumn

All the cousins together

Darren Edwards is a professional family portrait photographer specialising in family and corporate photography in the Blue Mountains, Penrith and greater Sydney region.


Best Businesses in the Blue Mountains – Portrait Photographer

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

This weeks Blue Mountains Gazette (April 9, 2012) has a Best of the Best feature showcasing some of the regions best and brightest businesses.

I’m proud to say I have been included! I’m in there with Lady of Grace Funerals, Simply Beautiful Smiles, Almar Pioneer Interiors and Springwood Gas Centre amongst others.

Toiling away at your business week to week has its rewards I guess but its always nice to have others recognise what you do.

I believe its important to be humble and while I don’t consider myself the best photographer in the Blue Mountains, I do feel I have the skill, knowledge and experience the meet any photographic challenge and be considered one of the best.

Be it a family portrait in a great Blue Mountains location, a newborn photo-shoot at your home, or meeting a detailed brief from a corporate customer – I’m confident of producing the right image for my valued clients.

This is page 1 of the feature layout


Page 2 of the layout

New Homes Photography

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

I’ve heard it said that the proof is in the pudding and so it is with professional photography.

My corporate clients expect top quality work delivered on time and within budget. I expect that the images I produce will help showcase their product in such a way that they contribute to differentiate them from their competitors and help brand and sell them as a strong and professional business.

As part of our detailed brief the owners of Zac Homes wanted “money shots” of their display homes to be used in their marketing and on their website. They wanted the outstanding quality and workmanship of their builds highlighted along with the appliances and details. All the things that make their homes unique.

I spent two days lighting and photographing two display homes, the result being a folio of images for the client to proudly use to help potential customers become actual customers.

This type of work takes time to do well. I took with me 3 strobe lights with battery packs and remote triggers, along with my cameras and lenses. Each room was individually lit with at least 2 lights to give the most detailed and sympathetic light.

This fire place formed a feature of the living area

The formal dining room

High ceilings in the Living Room

Wall ovens fitted to the kitchen

Some of the fine furnishings used

image of one of the bathrooms

One of the bathrooms featuring beautiful fixtures

Here is a link to the Zac homes website where the images are now being used.