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Corporate Photo Project

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

My last day of shooting for the Penrith Lakes Development Corporation project today.

Over the past month or so I have photographed 35 people who have played an integral part in the development of the Penrith Lakes scheme. These portraits will form part of a visual display at a handing over event in November, along with becoming a book of images and an exhibition of work.

This work was commissioned to celebrate the end of mining the Lakes and the valuable contribution of so many of the workers.

I’m very excited about the whole project and happy with the results from the weeks of shooting.

For the technically minded – each of the shots involved setting up three Elinchrom BX500s with 21 degree reflectors. As I needed to photograph each of the subjects at varying times of day from 9am to 4pm and anytime in between I wanted the lighting of the subject to be consistent as much as possible, therefore the three lights and reflectors.

The black and white images were captured in an old storage shed. These ‘hero’ shots are consistent in appearance and lighting and intended as an exhibition body of work.

The colour images will make up the book along with a brief bio for each participant.

I placed one light on camera axis and the other two out of frame over each shoulder of the subject. Large diffusers were also used to remove hard shadows from the sun.

Worker in front of excavator, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Plant operator ‘Bluey’ with his excavator, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Retired worker in front of old excavator, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Retired worker Harry in front of the old 5130 excavator, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Worker in front of weir, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Rob pictured in front of the weir, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Vegetation rehabilitation worker, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Vegetation rehabilitation worker Richard pictured with some of the trees he helped plant over 10 years ago, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Worker in front of final mine cut, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Jim Stokes in front of the former Holchim site, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Worker in front of final mine cut, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Worker in front of final mine cut, Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Tree loppers

Tree loppers Tom, Dale and Kris.

Control Room operator Kearney.

Control Room operator Kearney.

New Homes Photography

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

I’ve heard it said that the proof is in the pudding and so it is with professional photography.

My corporate clients expect top quality work delivered on time and within budget. I expect that the images I produce will help showcase their product in such a way that they contribute to differentiate them from their competitors and help brand and sell them as a strong and professional business.

As part of our detailed brief the owners of Zac Homes wanted “money shots” of their display homes to be used in their marketing and on their website. They wanted the outstanding quality and workmanship of their builds highlighted along with the appliances and details. All the things that make their homes unique.

I spent two days lighting and photographing two display homes, the result being a folio of images for the client to proudly use to help potential customers become actual customers.

This type of work takes time to do well. I took with me 3 strobe lights with battery packs and remote triggers, along with my cameras and lenses. Each room was individually lit with at least 2 lights to give the most detailed and sympathetic light.

This fire place formed a feature of the living area

The formal dining room

High ceilings in the Living Room

Wall ovens fitted to the kitchen

Some of the fine furnishings used

image of one of the bathrooms

One of the bathrooms featuring beautiful fixtures

Here is a link to the Zac homes website where the images are now being used.