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Beautiful Wedding Portraits in the Blue Mountains

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Every so often I’m lucky enough to be a part of something very special.

The wedding of Alena and Lawry at Yestergrange, at Wentworth Falls in the upper Blue Mountains is just such an occasion.

Not only was the weather perfect, the location was stunning, but the couple were a joy to work with as they laughed and joked with each other, enjoyed their family and friends and seemed to really soak up their big day.

I was enjoying myself so much it didn’t feel like work!

All of this contributed to producing some great shots.

Alena and Lawrence-2-2

Enjoying the sunset.

Alena and Lawrence-30 Alena and Lawrence-43 Alena and Lawrence-58 Alena and Lawrence-67-2 Alena and Lawrence-96 Alena and Lawrence-149-2 Alena and Lawrence-183 Alena and Lawrence-197 Alena and Lawrence-207 Alena and Lawrence-335 Alena and Lawrence-403

Wedding Photography is a Seasonal Thing in the Blue Mountains

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Spring time in Sydney is ideal for getting married, and with the warm days and long afternoons its no wonder.

This is by far the most popular time for shooting weddings and the busiest time of the year for me. Over the last 6 weeks I have photographed some lovely and memorable weddings in Leura, Emu Plains and the beautiful Yarramundi House on the grounds of UWS Hawkesbury.

Each of these weddings was unique of course and I’d like to share some of my favourite images from each.

The first wedding was at Leura and the location was Leuralla open-air amphitheatre. This location is brilliant because of the stunning valley backdrop.

Leura amphitheatre makes a brilliant backdrop.

The happy couple arriving together.

Another shot of that valley just for the sake of it!

The reception venue was walking distance from the ceremony and shared the same valley view.

The second wedding was at the quaint little Uniting Church at Emu Plains. The service was very much a family affair with the grooms siblings performing the music, a friend delivering the vows and both parents joining the couple for a prayer at the end.

Here comes the bride. I love this shot!

The newlyweds leaving the church.

Don’t they look happy together!

Talk about upstaging the bride!

Speeches and toasting the couple.

Finally to the wedding of an old school friend of mine on his 40th birthday at the beautiful Yarramundi House at UWS Hawkesbury.

Congratulations Jason and Christina!

The girls preparing to walk down the red carpet.

A happy couple is easy to photograph.

Their daughters were flower girls and they did a great job.

The great location meant we were spoilt for choice when it came to backdrops.


Pets are Family Too

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Former race horse Armada was destined for the knackery if not for his beloved owner Brianna.

As a gelding Armada had won over a million dollars racing in Honk Kong, but as with all goods things his racing days came to an end. As a gelding he couldn’t be bred from so his odds for a life off the track had blown out to be un-backable.

All this is behind him now as he bides his time under the gentle and loving care of Brianna. Armada and Brianna have an obvious bond and it was this special connection we wanted to show in the photographs we captured one Sunday afternoon recently.

As the sun began to set on another beautiful winter day, the overcast sky gave us amazing soft diffused light.

While Armada was quite distracted at times by the herd of goats in the paddock opposite, it did have the effect of keeping his ears pricked and forward making him look even more handsome.

Brianna whispered and cuddled him for the extent of our shoot and the results, I believe, are an accurate depiction of the obvious love and strong bond between horse and owner.

Young woman with her horse

Armada was very interested in the herd of goats in the far paddock.




Family Portrait Photography Penrith Locations

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I’m always scouting around for great new locations for outdoor family portrait photography in the Blue Mountains and Penrith area.

Many of my clients live in the lower mountains, Penrith, Emu Plains, Glenmore Park and Mulgoa regions so its important for me to have a number of options for locations available at different times of the year depending on the season.

As we move into Autumn and then Winter more of my photo–shoots happen at locations in the lower mountains and Penrith area. One of my favourite spots is River Road Reserve at Emu Plains.

At the moment there are Autumn colours everywhere making for a beautiful backdrop to family photography.

This shoot took place at River Road Reserve and involved grandchildren assembling for some photos for Nanna. The children were great, they got on so well together and they all seemed to enjoy the time together which came through in the shots. Nanna was very pleased!

Boy and girl standing under a tree

Brother and sister trying to look like they like each other

Boy cousins standing under a tree

The Boys!

Young girl cousins together under a tree

The Girls

Cousins together for photo under a tree in Autumn

All the cousins together

Darren Edwards is a professional family portrait photographer specialising in family and corporate photography in the Blue Mountains, Penrith and greater Sydney region.


Blue Mountains Photographer – Corporate Photography for your Business – Spa Sublime

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Probably the question I’m most often asked when I meet a new client or prospective client is “what does it cost”?

Its a fair question and I’m always happy to answer it but I believe the actual question being asked is “can I afford it?”

Almost 2 years ago I worked with a corporate client to photograph her day spa. In the brief for Spa Sublime we discussed an all day shoot of the various treatments available in the various rooms and spas. We needed models and the spa basically had to shut down for a day for the shoot to take place.

This was a big job with a carefully planned brief and shot list.

The result was a collection of beautiful images capturing the essence of the spa, its ambience and the luxurious treatments.

I spoke to Lynda from Spa Sublime recently to find out how she was using the images.

“We have and continue to use them in all types of media – brochures, gift cards, online, cinema advertising, magazine and print. They have been used in our successful award applications and become part of our brand”, Lynda said.

A good brand is all important in small business and creative imagery can help brand a business.

“People take notice of photographs, they really sell the business”, Lynda said. “You can’t put a price on your brand image, you can’t scrimp, its not luck it takes time and money.”

Given that the images have been used so extensively over the last 2 years and have helped brand the business and contributed to the Spa winning awards and continuing to be successful I wondered what percentage of her advertising budget was spent on photography.

“Its minimal, probably about 3%, the investment in good photographs has paid for itself”, Lynda said.

Corporate fees start at $160/hour with a minimum 2 hour charge plus post-production, half and full day rates also available. Images supplied on CD with copyright agreement.

Can you afford it?

Whether you’re looking for images to compliment your business or record a moment in the lives of your family, what price do you put on peace of mind?

I don’t do my own tax return because thats not my area of expertise. I let my accountant worry about that and I have the peace of mind of knowing its done right and done well.

You can’t put a price on that I reckon.

Darren Edwards Photography is a professional photographic studio based in the Blue Mountains and servicing the greater Sydney, Penrith and central west region. With 20 years industry experience, outstanding products and value for money, your photographic commission is in good hands. 

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