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Blue Mountains Photographer – Corporate Photography for your Business – Spa Sublime

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Probably the question I’m most often asked when I meet a new client or prospective client is “what does it cost”?

Its a fair question and I’m always happy to answer it but I believe the actual question being asked is “can I afford it?”

Almost 2 years ago I worked with a corporate client to photograph her day spa. In the brief for Spa Sublime we discussed an all day shoot of the various treatments available in the various rooms and spas. We needed models and the spa basically had to shut down for a day for the shoot to take place.

This was a big job with a carefully planned brief and shot list.

The result was a collection of beautiful images capturing the essence of the spa, its ambience and the luxurious treatments.

I spoke to Lynda from Spa Sublime recently to find out how she was using the images.

“We have and continue to use them in all types of media – brochures, gift cards, online, cinema advertising, magazine and print. They have been used in our successful award applications and become part of our brand”, Lynda said.

A good brand is all important in small business and creative imagery can help brand a business.

“People take notice of photographs, they really sell the business”, Lynda said. “You can’t put a price on your brand image, you can’t scrimp, its not luck it takes time and money.”

Given that the images have been used so extensively over the last 2 years and have helped brand the business and contributed to the Spa winning awards and continuing to be successful I wondered what percentage of her advertising budget was spent on photography.

“Its minimal, probably about 3%, the investment in good photographs has paid for itself”, Lynda said.

Corporate fees start at $160/hour with a minimum 2 hour charge plus post-production, half and full day rates also available. Images supplied on CD with copyright agreement.

Can you afford it?

Whether you’re looking for images to compliment your business or record a moment in the lives of your family, what price do you put on peace of mind?

I don’t do my own tax return because thats not my area of expertise. I let my accountant worry about that and I have the peace of mind of knowing its done right and done well.

You can’t put a price on that I reckon.

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