Timm Kölln – Photography

Timm Kölln – Photography.

Timm Kolln combines two of my  greatest passions – photography and cycling.

I was lucky enough to receive his book The Peleton for Christmas last year and have thoroughly enjoyed the photographs and particularly the interviews with some of the world’s best bike riders.

Kolln’s book was a labour of love over a period of more than 5 years where he and an assistant carried around a white backdrop and captured simple but poignant post-race portraits. Some of the portraits were captured at the end of some the toughest classic one day races such as Paris-Roubaix, with dirt stained sweat painting the faces of the riders as evidence of their efforts and toil.

The text accompanying the images offers some interesting insights into the sport at professional level and the dreams and aspirations of its combatants.

As for me, I love to ride my bike, some of my greatest friendships have been forged through training, racing and competing against and alongside like-minded people. Its a tough sport at times but few things can rival the sense of comradeship after riding 100km over hill and dale with your mates, sharing a laugh, sprinting for speed signs and grinding to the peak of a climb.

Kolln’s books are beautiful, they can be enjoyed for their wonderful photography as much as for the specific subject matter.

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